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Dr. Poss has studied extensively in the area of sleep apnea and snoring. He has obtained his Diplomate in treating sleep apnea from the ACSDD. Dr. Poss lectures and teaches all the latest techniques in sleep apnea and oral appliance therapy. He is also involved in the development of new materials and products to help you breath easier. All appliances are FDA approved and Dr. Poss will continually maintain consistent contact with your physician as you are treated.

If you live in or near Nashville and snore loudly, you may have sleep apnea. If you have mild to moderate sleep apnea, Dr. Stephen Poss of Poss Dental Designs may be able to help. If you wake up feeling tired and unrested as well as have difficulties concentrating, it could be sleep apnea. Many people who have sleep apnea in Brentwood don’t even realize it. Sleep apnea is often diagnosed because the patient’s partner complains about their snoring.

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Sleep Apnea Signs and Causes

Snoring could be a sign of a serious condition that stops you from breathing during sleep. Those with sleep apnea often don’t realize that throughout the night they are deprived of oxygen. Not only does this cause snoring but it prevents you from getting adequate sleep as your body rarely gets into, or stays in the restorative stage of REM sleep. Sleep apnea isn’t just bothersome and tiring but could lead to depression and even increase your risk of heart attack, stroke, and premature death.

Loud snoring is often caused by a blocked airway. Sleep apnea sufferers can have completely closed-off airways and the body continually struggles for breath throughout the night, resulting in continuous sleep interruptions, even if you don’t fully wake up.

Sleep Apnea Treatments

Many sleep apnea sufferers continue to suffer because they want to avoid the often prescribed CPAP machine that, while uncomfortable, provides oxygen throughout the night. But more and more people with mild to moderate sleep apnea are benefiting from CPAP alternatives in the form of dental snoreguard appliances that keep the throat open enough to keep airways open.

Dr. Poss can consult with you and prescribe dental appliances, also known as snoreguards, which are custom-made for your mouth. These are comfortable mouth guards that can help keep your airways open, helping you breathe comfortably throughout the night. Many dentists in the Nashville area offer mouth guards but not all of them have extensive expertise in sleep breathing disorders. Dr. Poss has attended hundreds of hours of continuing education in sleep breathing disorders and is a diplomat with the Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorders Discipline (ACSDD).

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Patient Review from Ben V

Dr Poss and his staff are the best!

- Ben V

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Patient Review from Steve A


- Steve A

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Patient Review from Kenneth D

Love the appliance!!!!!!

- Kenneth D

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Patient Review from Stephen H

The staff has been great to work with

- Stephen H

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Patient Review from Warren W

Can't say enough about how great this experience has been. I sleep better than ever.

- Warren W

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Patient Review from Julie S

This has been an excellent experience considering I had no idea what to expect or if there was a solution on to my recent snoring interuption. The appliance has been an excellent, painless solution to sleeping with my husband again and waking refreshed. Thank you!

- Julie S

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Patient Review from Carrie L

Great office staff! Phenomenal people working with and for Dr. Poss. Also love the look of the waiting room.

- Carrie L

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Patient Review from Sean C

I've been going to Dr. Poss and team for a bout a year for my sleep apnea problems. I was fitted with a dental appliance that has since provided me with a better quality of life! I've tried CPAPs, can't do them! With this device I sleep through the night and don't wake up feeling sore or like I've been hit with a bat. Not too mention tired! Also my concentration has noticeably increased and my daytime dozing off has improved by at least 90%; especially in the 2pm lull at work. Lastly within 6 months of wearing the application I lost a total of 20% and my blood pressure has been the lowest in 15 years. With all that said let's not forget the team. Amber, Katie and everyone has been very supportive and have done everything they could to get me in when needed. I am very appreciative of Dr. Poss and his team and would recommend anyone with sleep apnea to go for a consultation.

- Sean C

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Patient Review from Larry S

Very professional

- Larry S

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Patient Review from Troy K

Excellent service and very friendly staff!

- Troy K

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Patient Review from David L

Dr. Poss and his staff were great, his staff were very knowledgeable about their job and were there to help in any way they can, very beautiful and clean office. I never meet a staff member that wasn't very professional and went out of their way to help, Dr. Posses staff make him look good. I would like to say a special thanks to Amber and Katie. I would recommend that anyone who has sleep apnea to give Dr. Stephen Poss a try, get a dental appliance and get a good nights sleep like I did last night ( Jan. 13, 2016 ). Last night was my first night using the dental appliance.

- David L

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Patient Review from Todd B

Improved sleep and quality of life, Thank you!

- Todd B

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Patient Review from Robert O

Very highly recommended

- Robert O

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Patient Review from JIM M

Thank you for providing me with an apnea device that's easily transported, cleaned...and it works.


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